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Terminal automobile market is hot,

Terminal automobile market is hot,

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As we all know, China has the biggest automobile market in global. Except for the  repidly growing of traditional automobile electronic market, automatic driving and new energy automobile also developing so fast since recent years, this two ways together help make full orders for the leading automobile PCB manufacturers. At the same time, as the automobile industry chain audit so strict and in higher requirement of stability, it has much higher gross profit rate than consumer electronics and then lead the automobile PCB manufactures in good profit making.


1. Automobile PCB Market in China

With the automobile gradually evolving from traditional mechanical product, it has already   developing into a intelligentize, informatization, mechatronics high-tech product. Electronic technology will be widely used in automobile, no matter driving system, chassis system, safety system, information system or inside environmental system will all use electronical products. The development of automobile electronic industry no only improved the strong requirements for downsteam components, but also improved the requirements for automobile PCB.


Recent years, the growth rate of global automobile shipments stayed at about 4%~5%which lead the stable growing of automobilePCB. Also with the rapidly growing of automobile electronization and increasely requirements for high level multi-layer board, HDI board or ceramic substrate, global automobile board requirements showed the thriving trend. In the global automobile market, Chinese market is a star market which become the spotlight on the global stage. Compare with the global growth rate, China’s growth rate hold at about 15%~20%in recent years that make the Chinese automobileboard market become the battleground all over the world.


2. Automobile PCB requirements rapidly growing

(1) Using quantity of automobile PCBrapidly growing

With the traditional automobile continuously developing to intelligentize, informatization & mechatronics, and the promotion of new energy automobile, the permeaability of automobile electronic enhances unceasingly, automobile PCB become more and more widely used. It can be predict that with this technology become more and more matured and universal, automobile’s IT level will be improved, and have more different kinds of practical function, then continuously permeate from high-end to mid & low-end.


(2) Millimeter wave rader has forced huge requirements for automobile high-frequency PCB

The millimeter wave rader is now in high speed developing, and can predict the average quantity for bike using will be continuously increase and the requirements for automobile rader PCB will also repidly growing. Also rader high-frequency circuit have high requirements for the PCB material and manufacturing technology, so the automobile rader PCB will bring much more value.


(3) New energy automobile power battery BMS

As one of the basic hardware of BMS, PCB component’s industry development will also benefit from it. At present, the PCB usable area for luxury bikes is about 2-3 square meters, now we conservative assumption that the PCB usable area for new energy automobile bike is 2 square meters, 2000 yaun/square meter, then the market scale of global new energy automobile PCB will also can reach at 1640 billion RMB by 2020.


3. Automobile board market is in huge space

Global PCB industry has been keep in small increase trend since 2013, the total PCB production quantity of 2014 is 5620 billion dollars which increase 3%year-on-year. Its global compound growth rate will arrived at 3.9%from 2015to 2017 according to the prediction of Prismark.s

(Tens of billions dollars)



With the automobile step into automation age, automobile electronization become the signifacant trend. Automobile using PCBwill become the fastest growing sub-industry, its compound growth rate will arrived at 5%from 2015to 2019according to the prediction of Prismark.