The Journey of Excellent Employees to Nature in Wugong Mountain in 2020

The Journey of Excellent Employees to Nature in Wugong Mountain in 2020


On June 1, 2021, the sun shines brightly and everything grows. With the footsteps of the International Children's Day holiday, we started the "Journey of Ji'an Mankun Technology's Outstanding Employees to Nature in Wugong Mountain in 2020".


"Assemble" With the roar of "Captain", our brothers and sisters are in high spirits and ready to go to the destination.


About Wugong Mountain

    Wugong Mountain is located in the border mountains of Jiangxi and Hunan provinces in China, in the north of Luoxiao Mountains, in the west of Jiangxi, across Anfu County of Ji'an City, Luxi County of Pingxiang City, and Yuanzhou District of Yichun City. It has a vast mountain, with an area of more than 360 square kilometers, an altitude of 1000~1500 meters, and a main peak of 1918.3 meters. It is the highest peak in Jiangxi Province! Since ancient times, Wugong Mountain, Hengshan Mountain and Lushan Mountain have been known as the "Three Famous Mountains in the South of the Yangtze River". It has been a custom for thousands of years to "celebrate one's birthday and pray for Wugong". Therefore, Wugong Mountain is also known as "China's Fushan Mountain". When it comes to Wugong Mountain, you may first think about Pingxiang. In fact, most of Wugong Mountain is located in Anfu. Since ancient times, the only three roads to the south of martial arts, namely, the pilgrimage road, the pilgrimage road and the pilgrimage road, have all been in Anfu. The mountains with an altitude of more than 1600 meters and a hundred thousand mu of meadows are endless, presenting the magical scene of "Northern Scenery, Celestial Grassland", which is breathtaking.

Beautiful Wugong Mountain

The beauty of martial arts lies in the mountains and rivers, and the lush forests and bamboos

Everything is beautiful, mountains are high and valleys are deep, and clouds and waterfalls are flying




Blue sky, white clouds, sea of clouds, meadow, here we come!


Moving forward with a heavy load can not stop us from moving forward. Sweat has always recorded our gains


If you're tired, give me some energy


We worked together to reach the destination and enjoy the scenery in the journey。




Group photo

Man Kun left a group photo under the beautiful scenery

Going to different places, seeing different landscapes, knowing different things, and feeling different lives may be the meaning of travel. The short trip is coming to an end, but we will be happy together, sweat together, and climb the peak together. Ji'an Mankun Technology hopes that all our brothers and sisters will be able to ride together through thick and thin, and walk together for a better tomorrow! See you on your next trip~