Mankun Science and Technology Launches Cool and Refreshing Activity in 2021 Summer

    It is midsummer and the sun is blazing. In recent days, the continuous high temperature weather has tested the employees who are struggling at the front line of their posts, and also touched the hearts of the leaders of Mankun Technology. In order to care about the production and life of employees and convey the company's care for everyone, the Administration Department organized a cool off activity in the summer of 2021 on July 15, July 22 and August 10.


   This cool off activity went deep into the production line. The Administration Department took the materials prepared in advance to the workshops of tin spraying, electroplating, gold plating, warehouse and other workshops of Factory I and Factory II, and sent watermelon, mung bean soup, beverages, isatis root and other heatstroke prevention and cooling items to the employees who still stuck to the front line in the hot summer. It gave a cool off to the cadres and employees who worked hard in the hot and hot weather, Director Zhang of the First Factory took the initiative to provide cool air for the production line employees and offered them warm condolences. He expressed his heartfelt thanks for their persistence in the high temperature, and urged them to put safety and health first while doing their jobs well, and to devote themselves to their work in the best state of mind. At the same time, the front-line managers are instructed to pay attention to production safety in summer and take adequate heatstroke prevention measures to ensure the physical and mental health and work safety of employees under high temperature environment.

The picture shows that the factory director sends iced mung beans and iced milk to the staff in the cooling workshop


The workshop distributes iced green beans and iced milk


Banlangen distributed by the workshop


Deliver iced watermelon




   The front-line cadres and employees of the workshop said that they would overcome the heat, stick to their posts, fulfill their responsibilities, actively participate in production, and complete the tasks and objectives assigned by the company with quality and quantity guaranteed.       




The activity of cooling off in summer is one of Man Kun's activities of caring for employees for many years. With a sense of coolness, care and love, the company has implemented the care and love for its employees, which has also encouraged the morale of front-line employees and their enthusiasm to cope with the high temperature, providing a guarantee for the orderly development of all work.

This activity not only demonstrated the company's care and concern for employees, but also stimulated the enthusiasm of front-line employees and effectively improved the company's cohesion.